Growth in global EV sales from 2020 to 2021


Share of EV sales in total passenger vehicle sales in 2021


Growth of global investment in clean transportation from 2020 to 2021

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Battery pack prices

Since 2010, battery prices have fallen 89% and are nearing levels where the upfront costs of EVs can start to be competitive with internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE) without subsidies. Battery prices fell again in 2021, dropping 6% year-over-year to $132/kWh, due to growing order sizes from leading manufacturers, higher battery electric vehicle sales and the introduction of new cell and pack designs.

Source: BloombergNEF Electric Vehicle Outlook

EV charging infrastructure

There were over 1.8 million installed public charging connectors globally at the end of 2021, an increase of 35% from 2020. Mainland China remained the global leader on public charging, with 1.15 million cumulative installed connectors by the end of 2021.

Source: BloombergNEF Electric Vehicle Outlook

EV share of vehicle sales by market

In over half of the global car market, EV adoption is still below 10% of sales. This includes countries like the US and Japan, which are still looking to catch up. Roughly 30% of the global car market is in countries where EV adoption is currently very low.

Source: BloombergNEF Zero-Emission Vehicles Factbook

EV global fleet

The global fleet of passenger EVs keeps growing – 59% per year on average since 2015 – and by June 2022 there were over 21 million EVs on the road globally. Nearly half of that fleet (47%) is currently located in Mainland China, followed by Europe at 32%.

Source: BloombergNEF Zero-Emission Vehicles Factbook

EV global passenger sales

Global passenger EV sales reached 6.6 million in 2021, more than doubling from 2020. From 2020 to 2021 alone, annual sales spiked 105%.

Source: BloombergNEF Climatescope 2022

EV global passenger share of sales

EV sales also accounted for 8.7% of global car sales in 2021.

Source: BloombergNEF Climatescope 2022


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